Monday, August 1, 2016

Becoming a Restaurant Member of the MRA

Located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Beltline Bar is a Mexican-inspired restaurant that has been in operation since 1953. Perhaps best known for its Famous Wet Burrito, Beltline Bar is run by Jeff Lobdell, who regularly comes in to make the restaurant’s secret spices and sauces. The restaurant is a member of several restaurant organizations, including the Michigan Restaurant Association.

Since 1921, the Michigan Restaurant Association (MRA) has been representing the state’s hospitality and foodservice industry. Joining the MRA grants members access to educational opportunities, cost-saving programs, and networking opportunities. Currently, there are three types of membership available: restaurant, allied, and non-profit membership. Restaurant membership grants dual membership in both the MRA and the National Restaurant Association.

Restaurants have numerous benefits as members of the MRA. They receive discounted access to several important programs, such as credit card processing and workers’ compensation programs, and employees can take ServSafe certification classes at reduced rates. Members can access member-only information such as industry-related publications and also attend the Michigan Restaurant Show for free, which provides a multitude of networking opportunities. Further, the organization advocates for the hospitality and foodservice industry, so member restaurants have an outlet to lobby lawmakers for the issues that affect them.

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